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Release Notes for 5/4/2018

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Отправлено 05 Май 2018 - 00:49

[ MISC ]
– Fixed stability issue for physics collision detection against displacement surfaces.
– Fixed some situations in which stickers would not appear properly on weapons in-game.
– Fixed an issue where MP3’s embedded in maps wouldn’t work. (Thanks to Steam user MajesticCatDog for help in diagnosing this issue).
– Removed legacy audio cache commands.

[ SDK ]
– When loading the map in development mode with “developer 1” enabled, engine will display DISP_VPHYSICS warnings for displacements with degenerate collision faces. When such displacement faces are encountered, the entire displacement object will have no collision in-game. Additional clip brushes or adjustments to such displacements may be added by map authors in these cases.

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