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Release Notes for 10/18/2019

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Отправлено 18 Октябрь 2019 - 21:40

<p>[ CS20 ]</p>
<p>– Added a new themed Weapon Case and Sticker Capsule in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Counter-Strike.</p>
<p>[ MAPS ]</p>
<p>– Cache has been updated to the latest version from the Steam Workshop and is now available in Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage.</p>
<p>[ MISC ]</p>
<p>– Added a game launch setting -lowmemworkshop to allow updating very large map files on Steam Workshop.<br />– Added a runtime command fov_tv_debug which allows changing field view in roaming mode in GOTV or during demo playback.<br />– Enabled area portals performance optimizations.</p>

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